The Gords Review September 17 2012

The Gords, Gord Maxwell, Gord Matthews and Gordon Lee Worden, joined by journeyman Chilliwack drummer, Jerry Adolphe performed to an enthusiastic crowd at the Kelowna Community Theatre on September 17, 2012 in support of their first full length CD, “Pick”.

Although seasoned musicians who have played with some of Canada’s top musical acts, including Ian Tyson, KD Lang and One Horse Blue, to name just a few, none of the Gords had much, if any experience being the “Front-man” in a group.  The current tour they are on is the first time that any of them have had to carry the show in this way, and they delivered like longtime pro’s.  They took turns talking with the audience, telling the stories behind their song writing and providing snippets of life on the road as key members of some of Canada’s most influential groups.  Throughout the evening the audience gained an intimate knowledge of these three incredibly talented singer / songwriters.  As a writer myself, I was really impressed by the quality of their original songs and the strength of their story telling.  From the upbeat, contagious melody of “Feel At Home” to the melancholy “When Dreams Collide” that Gord Mathews wrote in the Caribbean when he was on holidays with his wife, every one of their songs felt familiar to me.  Perhaps it was because of the skilled execution, or the brilliant crafting of the songs or maybe because every song they played touched a chord within me.  I remember looking at my watch near the end of the show and marveling how quickly the night had flown by.  It was obvious that the Gords were having fun on stage, and so was the audience.  They played a lot of original material, but, also covered a few songs from their former bands, and did so with such conviction that it was hard to imagine the original versions being as good.  One standout for me was the Ian Tyson song, Somewhere in the Rubies, which the Gords did with such beautiful harmonies that I was reminded of the Eagles in their prime.  The Gords are a first rate act and one that I would not hesitate to bring back to the Kelowna Community Theatre again, and also one that I would strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for a terrific evening of performances by three incredibly talented singer / songwriters.